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    Bucking and turbo surge

    sometimes ez just wont read the codes, i would get another scanner on it. sounds fuel related.
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    Tranny Trouble?

    were you in 4wd going down the hill?
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    Show & Go/Going to Try this Out combo Build

    haha i feel ya there.
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    Bye Bye EZ Lynk

    like andrew said, the funding depends on the administration. they will be much healthier with dementia boy in office.
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    Current/active sponsors

    thanks dude! kinda refreshing.
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    Current/active sponsors

    hey andy hope all is well!
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    2017 6.7 intake

    whats even more interesting is intercooler only was 21hp. but both combined was 27. these trucks are interesting, but they LOVE flow.
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    Precision 6466 and Exergy 10mm pump

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    Current/active sponsors

    nah i haven't been on there in 4 years or so. and when i was .. it was extremely limited answering business questions. but the amount of dumb $hit i get asked and hear, i immediately know is coming from that hole.
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    6.4 Gone. 2017 6.7 F350 Platinum In.

    somebody is bored!
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    Precision 6466 and Exergy 10mm pump

    weird. my 17 got 20+ but it had Dynomite 45's .. best injectors i have ever installed by a land slide. was 16.5 before that . easy 3mpg gain with only change being injectors.
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    Precision 6466 and Exergy 10mm pump

    Love it dude, glad you're happy!! as for the dipstick brackets, we have them for $79
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    2017 6.7 intake

    i dont have the image here, but on our 2020 we gained 16hp simply changing intake, bone stock no tuning. can post dyno sheet if you need to see it, but it did it in front my very own eyes.
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    Current/active sponsors

    sorry, email me direct and i'll get it going.