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    2011 - 2016 custom projector headlights

    Is there a high beam on these?
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    Early 6.7 with a 10 speed

    I’ve come to a similar conclusion. The hard parts are the easy part. The programming would be the hard part and with the way the tuning challenges are these days, probably damn near impossible. Maybe the medium duty path is the ticket? The only way that I would consider this would be if I had a...
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    Early 6.7 with a 10 speed

    Not necessarily thinking cheaper, just thinking it might be an upgrade.
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    Early 6.7 with a 10 speed

    Has anyone seen this done? Are there any kits out there yet? Would it make sense if a trans replacement was imminent anyways? Just brainstorming a bit.
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    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    That’s too bad and I hope things improve soon. Take time for old #1 and then take care of business when you get in front of things.
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    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    I wonder what a place like this buys/sells for. Seems like you would want to check in on your investment.
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    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    C’mon Shaggy. Time for some cleanup on aisle 3.
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    2019 F250 KR shocks

    Are Carli tuned Fox and Kings still around?
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    2022 Lariat options

    It’s your truck, get what you want on it. Those options aren’t important to me, so I would probably take the the one off the lot, if it is within a few hundred bucks. If it is a huge jump in price for the one on the lot, screw the dealer. Some other poor bastard will pay the extra for it. I...
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    DTA360 Re-Power

    Looks like it cleaned up nicely
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    Should I make the switch?

    The intelligent entry/keyless start is pretty nice. I have so many other vehicles/tractors/whatevers that don’t have it, I get screwed up almost daily. The LED headlights are nice and worth it. The sunroof is pretty nice too. I would recommend the 360 view cameras. If you need a broker to go...
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    OBS vs 2002 wheels ???

    I’m guessing that he is referring to a 16”x10” wide wheel with 8x6.5” bolt pattern.
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    What will you do with the big ass lathe? Are you making cannon barrels?
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    DTA360 Re-Power

    Yep, let’s roll butt hole.
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    Panoramic Sunroof dimensions for tinting purposes

    Figure about 36”x28” x 2 pieces