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  1. ckrueg

    2016 6.7 power stroke stock exhaust parts

    Trying to sell my OEM exhaust. If anyone is looking to return their truck to stock it coats 3500 at the dealer Took it off at 7500 miles. Make me an offer. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. ckrueg

    Swapping Tpms sensors

    So my dad offered to trade me his OEM 20s from the 6.4 for my 18s from my 2016. I have forscan and was wondering if I could use it to switch the sensors. I want to keep tpms, just need to change the psi/sensors Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. ckrueg


    So my parents borrowed my old 6.4 for a 1000 mile trip and halfway home it just shut off. Threw a p0193 code when they checked it on the H&S that said "fuel rail pressure sensor circuit high" the truck has always run perfectly and even after it shut off they were able to get it started again and...
  4. ckrueg


    Anyone use this to tune their trucks? It supports through 16, and I looked through the software and it has tons of parameters with lots of explanation. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. ckrueg

    Finally joined the 6.7 club

    After months of looking at used 6.4 and 6.7 truck I decided I was done dealing with other people's trucks and went brand new. Got a ccsb xlt premium for 11.5k off sticker. So far I absolutely love it. Gonna take some time getting used to the quiet exhaust but I'll deal with that eventually. I'm...
  6. ckrueg

    Using one tune on several trucks

    I'm guessing some of you who have more than one 6.4 would know but if I get another truck do I need to export a base file from it and start from that or can I just copy the tunes from my computer and directly load those to the truck. I know I will need another tuner and mcc unlock of course.
  7. ckrueg

    No lowbeam headlights

    I have the mini stage 3 hid kit from the retrofit source and just recently my lows went out. High beams work fine but as soon as I go back tonlows the lights shut off. Fuses are all ok as well. When I turn the lights on I don't hear the switch click at the fuse box like they did when they...
  8. ckrueg

    Pedal lag

    I've been following the spar tan tuning thread in the 6.7 section and was interested in the talk about removing the pedal lag. I really hate the slight lag when quickly hitting the throttle or letting off. It's like the engine takes a second to respond to my inputs. Does anybody know what maps...
  9. ckrueg

    Abd issues

    Last year my abs light came on and I read the codes and got c1145- right front circuit failure. I recently replaced my knuckle seals and u joints and decided to replace the sensor thinking it would fix my problem. Well it didn't and after some research I realize this code is the one thrown when...
  10. ckrueg

    Torque converter lockup rate tables

    I've been messing around with converter lockup lately and i was wondering if anyone knew what the difference between "Torque converter lockup rate after shift" and "torque converter lockup rate while lock to lock shift" were. The one for after **** is set at 700 accross the board while the shift...
  11. ckrueg

    Manifolds and up-pipes

    Well my drivers side up pipe has been leaking for the past few months. Now that it's summer I'll have some time to replace it. I'm wanting to just replace the manifolds and up pipes with the bd manifolds with 6.0 style up pipes. Would I be able to do this cab on? If so I'd like to hear from...
  12. ckrueg

    Leaky up-pipes

    Well I was under my truck the other day just looking at things and I noticed some soot on the drivers side uppipe and back of the block. I haven't noticed any symptoms and have been able to hit 60 lbs of ebp on the h&s street tune so I didn't expect that they would be leaking. I'm wondering if...
  13. ckrueg

    Tuning engine without transmission tune

    I was wondering if it would work to load a new engine tune without re-tuning the tranny to avoid having the transmission re learn. after you load an engine tune, the minimaxx ask if it is for a manual or auto tranny. If you selected manual I assume the tuner wouldn't affect the tcm? Then you...
  14. ckrueg

    4x4 problem

    Well I was rotating my tires the other day so I decided to check my auto hubs. The switch would lock the hubs but only for a couple minutes, then they would unlock. Also when driving in the winter sometimes I would start to spin the rear tires and then the front would lock in and I would have...
  15. ckrueg

    Temperature determination

    I was wondering what are the temperature values across the x axis refering to on the temperature determination tables. does it mean ambient temp? I know the values in the cells are coolant, but I wonder what the other set of values are.
  16. ckrueg

    3-4 shift in tow haul

    Hi everyone, I have a 2010 f250 with a minimaxx running hd 300 with s1l shifting that I modified with mcc. I didn't like that in tow haul mode the truck shifts from 3rd to 4th at 3800-3900 rpms at wot. I lowered the shift point in mcc a few mph but it didn't seem to do anything. All the other...
  17. ckrueg

    Rust prevention

    Hi all, I have a 2010 f250 and I live in Michigan where the winters are rough on vehicles to say the least. I'm wondering what is the best way to prevent rust on the truck. Thanks Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk