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  1. CMCFord6.4

    VGT SWITCH? (just for idle)

    So I really like the sound of the VGT actuator being open at idle so I rigged up a switch off the ground into the cab. My intentions were to just use this at idle I don't care about any of the smoke nonsense nor running down the street for better mileage like some say works. My question is when...
  2. CMCFord6.4

    2009 F250 rear body mounts

    I have an 09 F250 4x4. The rear body mounts under the cab are toast. The back of the cab and bed clank on every bump in the road so went to the dealer picked up some new bushings and went to replace the drivers side and the bolt came right out and when re installing the new bushing got the bolt...
  3. CMCFord6.4

    Newly Designed M-Racks Roof Rack!

    Whats up guys? Im new in this forum but wanted to show you all one of our new roof rack setup. The rack is called M-Rack and its vehicle specific so it's a fine and smooth fit for each truck setup! We have a few different color and texture options as well as different lighting options which I'll...
  4. CMCFord6.4

    Suncoast Transmission concern???

    So I bought my truck about a year ago and it already had the sun coast trans in it. I have never had it apart or anything so thats strictly going off of what the guy told me. I am running the 325 tune from sp artan and it all runs great and what not but when its shifting it does not feel strong...
  5. CMCFord6.4

    New From Northwest Arkansas

    My names Chris I am from Fort Smith, AR. I currently am a Firefighter for the city of Fort Smith but on my off days I am in sales at our Custom Truck shop called Custom Motor Concepts. I drive a 2008 Ford F-250 with just a few upgrades such as RCD 78/59 turbos, 175 hp injectors, Suncoast 5R110...

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