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    Wiring help?

    Anyone know were to get a schematic for the engine harness on the 6.4? I have searched online and keep getting a overview of the wngine no wiring. Got a engine with the left bank dead after a head gasket job. Thanks
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    I haven't been on here in awhile and have a question on tuning. Who is doing the best tuning for the 15 turbo swap using sct? Just ordered everything and wanting to spend my money once thanks
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    Transmission wooos

    I know there has been some talk on here over the 6r tranny. I never seem to find the right answer though so I'll ask. Does anyone have issues with there trans shifting from 3rd to 4th under normal driving? I also have a issue when in manual mode were it squeeze under normal driving going from...
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    Super bright

    I saw a page on here a few years ago someone had found super bright reverse lights that go in the factory tail lights. Does anyone know what the brand was or were to get a set? Thanks Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    95 7.3 no start

    Hi guys hope everyone had a good turkey day. I ha e a 95 7 3 I'm working on and I ha e a code p0603. The truck has none of the injectors buzzing when key on or cranking. Put scanner on it to try a buzz test nothing happened. I tried a different pcm and still nothing. Has anyone run across this...
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    Does anyone know if there is a custom tcm out for the 6r. Been reading alot about the way they shift. I don't like how mine shifts. Just curious if anyone knows Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Good tunes

    I have been doing some research and can't seem to make a call. Spartan and gearhead don't have tunes for the 13 6.7 for a few months yet and I have never been around any other guys tuning. Who is running delete tunes and who has the best ones for the 13 6.7? I'm just wanting the deletion of...
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    WTT 11-15 bumpers

    I have a front and rear bumper off a xlt f250. They are chrome and I am looking to color match the truck. Bumpers have no defects. let me know if interested in trade for painted bumpers or want to purchase. Front 350 plus ship Rear 250 plus ship
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    2013 amp research auto steps

    Has anyone put a set of these on I have one side working and the other side doesn't. I have the manual pulled up but the one green wire that is in the kit I can not find in my wires by the passage seat any help would be great.
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    6.4 or 6.7 build

    I just sold a 2008 6.4 built to 600 horse power. should I build a 6 .7 liter or should I build a 64 again . Any input on this would be helpful in the market to buy another just as a crew cab
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    2011 VW Jetta TDI

    I am selling my 2011 jetta. The car is fully loaded with black interior and matching black rubber floor mats from vw. 4 new winter treads just had 80k service thru local VW shop. Metall grey exterior all windows tinted good inspection thru march oil changed every 10k with full synthetic. Daily...
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    2008 F250 RCLB 4x4

    I am selling my 08 time to stop playing haha RCLB 4x4 oxford white standard trans This truck has 67500 miles Mods Airdog 165gph with elite diesel stage 1 fuel system 30% nozzles with EDE push rods Diesel Dr. dual fuelers with 2 new HPFP New alternator for the setup. Rad is less than 3 years old...
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    WTB 08-10 tonneau cover

    just like the title says
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    08 F350 Lariat

    This post is for my boss. He has hit truck up forsale. He bought a new truck for his business and says its to nice for a shop truck. It has 140000 on it fully loaded, Sinister egr delete dpf delete with a Diablo sport on top of it. The truck has new injection pump like 20000 ago AFE filter, cell...
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    Jensen DVD player

    I have a Jensen VM9311TS DVD player with Ford hook ups. The system was in a 03 F150. I am asking 100bucks plus shipping. Sent from my HTC6990LVW using Tapatalk
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    F250 Wheels and Tires

    I have a set of Ion 171 Wheels with Nitto tires. The tires are better than half and the wheels have never seen salt or a winter. I am located in western PA about a hour north of Pittsburgh. Local pick up prefered but will travel up to 100 miles from home. Pm me if interested
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    ZF6 part out

    I am Parting with my 08 ZF in my 6.4. I am going to put a Auto in my truck so If anyone is interested in trading. I have to get the tranny fixed before I can part with it. It needs a rear case. The clutch and flywheel go as well. PM me with questions or if interested in certian items.
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    Sterling 10.5

    Does anyone know were to get a good bearing kit for the 10.5 in the F250s? Or does anyone know what the part numbers are for the Pinion Bearing and race? I need to put a new one in mine found it today adn drove the 5 miles home to park.
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    WTB front bumper 08-10

    The title says it all I am looking for a white front bumper that is in good shape. I have sold the chrome front bumper i believe and loking for a painted one now. I dont use the truck so looking for a good one. will drive if close to PA
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    6.4 front suspension

    Has anyone ever done the extra shocks on the front axle of there truck to prevent axle wrap? I have seen pictures of this but would like to get a better idea on how its done.