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    New build

    All the parts showed up yesterday. Machine shop should be done with my block in a week or so and I’ll be ready to build. Does anyone know where I can get a service or shop manual for this. It be handy to have since I do my own wrenching and since I’m not the one who tore this engine down
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    Go West, Young Man- Connor M's 6.4

    Just ordered a bunch of stuff from killdevil diesel. They have maxxforce pistons and can get them coated if you like. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New build

    Finally got ahold of kill devil and ordered what I needed except the injectors. I’ll get it built and order them in a few weeks when I need them. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll be asking plenty of questions when I get started on this also. It will be my first powerstroke to build. I have...
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    New build

    I been checking kill devil out. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. Anything else you guys or anyone can think of is greatly appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New build

    I picked up a nice f350 back in august and I’m looking to build an engine for it. I’ve done some research on putting a 5.9 in or even a small cat engine but I can build a solid 6.4 definitely cheaper and without headaches of getting everything working right and get it done faster. Already picked...
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    Cruise control cutoff switch on clutch

    Does anyone know where the cruise switch on the clutch is located. Mine is actually an 08 model with a zf6 but the 6.0 forums are more active and hoping the switch would be the same between models. Is the cruise switch wired into the start switch on these. My cruise control does work but...