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    Truck falls on it's face 3-4-5 gear

    2016, streetmaxx, ez link, dual fuel, mw piping, nl intercooler. Recently the truck seems weak. It also occasionally has an issue I noticed if I am part way in the throttle, at the top of 2nd it falls on it's face. If I keep the throttle in 3rd gear it shutters and seems like it has no gas...
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    Batteries died

    I have a 2016, got it new in November of 16. Batteries were replaced new when I purchased. I’ve got 33k on it, batteries would die if it sat for 3-4 days and would trickle down some overnight. My dealer replaced them under warranty. I was a bit surprised then only lasted 15 months. Is this...
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    New Midwest turbo, anyone yet

    Anyone get the new Midwest turbo. There is some verbiage that indicates there will be an upgrade option for those with a streetmax; I have a fairly new X and would like the...
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    Great customer service

    Another plug for Dorian. I wanted to kill a little drone, I went to his shop (he uses someone else to weld mufflers). He rode with me to the other shop and stayed during install; he wanted to make sure I was taken care of. He didn’t make a dime but took about an hour of his time to make sure...
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    Dual fueler tune options

    Streetmaxx, MW intake pipe kit, NL intake and intercooler. Added a ez link and Midwest duel fueler yesterday. PPEI tune now as well (Ford 15-16 6.7L. DFuel. FTurbo. SOTF. V2.2X). While it is amazing and the power is almost instant while driving it seems like I have 4.56 gears and a power...
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    4800 springs and no rear blocks

    Replaced the 5600 springs with 4800. Removed the rear blocks. I have airlift 5000 bags, I had to get the welder and grinder to the mounts. I also installed the Daystar cradles since I was grinding anyways. Before 10" in the rear 9" upfront, gaps. Now a little less than 8 upfront and 8 in...
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    Drop difference in 4400 versus 4800?

    2016 FX4, CCSB, door sticker says 5600 on the front axle. Measuring from the tire to the wheel well a little under 9" in the front and 10 in the back. I have read the 4400 thread and several other on here on lowering. It seems the drop with 4400 spring is 1.5 to 2". I plan on pulling the...
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    Black pipe, all boots and clamps, less than 1000 miles. Went to MW pipe kit and replaced everything. $200. Located in Houston.
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    Midwest pipe install question

    On what I think is the CAC pipe there are two bungs. What goes in there, is it a factory sensor? If not what do I need to plug them so I can install tomorrow? I polished them today and am done messing with it.
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    S&B for 6.7

    S&B Intake for 11-16 6.7L # 75-5053,Filter Media-Oiled. Has less than 500 miles on it. $200. Located in Houston, prefer local, going to Fredericksburg this weekend, and next weekend oakgrove, LA via 10 and 165, can meet along the way. I have one e guy in Alaska that has asked about it, sent...
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    Thanks PSE

    Recently had a streetmax, some removal, CCV kit, exhaust, and mpd intercooler pipe installed. Very happy with the service. Work was done on time, and they stayed after the shop closed to wait for me to pickup. I plan on using them for all my future needs.
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    using factory EGT after weight loss?

    Recently lost some weight. Prior to used Torque and ODBII Bluetooth. Everything worked fine reading PIDs. After the weight loss, I rerouted the EGT 4 plug (the furthest one aft) to the block off plate and a thermocouple from the ***. I am reading steady 32 on EGT1, 572 steady on EGT 2,3, & 4...
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    Contact info

    Have some questions for them, anyone know a contact email? I sent an email to the tech address listed on thier site last week no reply. I'd call but out of the country for another month.
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    Overall height on Carli 2.5 level kit

    Looking for a softer ride on 2016 CCSB FX4, almost exclusively pavement truck (deer lease has some rough roads, but I go really slow). The parking garage​ I use has minimal clearance at stock ride height. I need to get an actual measurement next time I am in there, for clearance. Was looking...
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    New from Houston

    New to diesel, got a year end 2016 xlt ccsb fx4 a few months back. Running DP tune now and few other things done. In SE Houston.