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  1. co04cobra

    Need help with run issue

    If icp is in the valve cover then that side is seeing enough psi to start. When icp is under the turbo they’ll see 500psi there but it’s not getting that psi to the rail. That’s why I asked location of the icp sensor
  2. co04cobra

    Need help with run issue

    If your icp sensor is under the turbo and that’s your psi cranking it’s probably your pump.
  3. co04cobra

    Connector Pinouts Needed

    Post some pics of that project
  4. co04cobra

    P259f code on 2017 f350 3k mi. Wtf

    Pre-oiler. JFC……. What fukn dip shits
  5. co04cobra

    A Plea for help..

    To my knowledge no dealer will have the capability to bench flash a pcm. But keep us posted.
  6. co04cobra

    A Plea for help..

    You’re probably going to need a ids to wake the pcm back up.
  7. co04cobra

    Project: WUT D P F

    02 was the first year for the circles not the square. Doesn’t matter if gas or diesel.
  8. co04cobra

    Project: WUT D P F

    Awesome work! Extremely clean. Can you elaborate on the sound deadening you used?
  9. co04cobra

    Tuning the 7.3 in current times

    I just flat out don’t like the stupid face on the Hydras and have no need for 15 tunes. Maybe I could figure out a way to mount it behind the dash and just have the buttons protruding through….
  10. co04cobra

    Tuning the 7.3 in current times

    Will anyone still email files to burn to a TS? I have zero interest or use for a hydra and I’ve lost more then 1 TS chip mailing back and forth over the years.
  11. co04cobra

    2013+ steering gearbox in older trucks

    11-16 boxes are not the same as previous years. The 05-10 boxes are very similar. If you’re doing the swap get a 11-16 box.
  12. co04cobra

    Radiator (Mishimoto) Install Issue - It's Crooked

    Trim your orange bushing to get it closer to level on that side. It sucks to have to do that but mishimotos QC has been declining in the last few years IMO.
  13. co04cobra

    Fuel system for 175/30’s

    The polarity is different but the float is 2 small spot welds from your current one. Last 1 we did We transferred the sending unit from the 6.0 to the 6.4 and just respot welded it. I do plan to or at least for now am planning to keep the fuel bowl and run it with a RR.
  14. co04cobra

    Fuel system for 175/30’s

    Idk why in gods name anyone would want to put a pump in the tank…..I’ve mounted a 16 pump on a 17 truck to simplify the stupidity. Anyway, I’m working on doing a 6.7 pump on my wife’s excursion but I am planning to run a regulated return with it. Because I have it laying around I’m planning to...
  15. co04cobra

    What are your thoughts on some forum category changes?

    Haven't been on recently but have been a member for a long time. I'm not against changing up the layout and adding things, but I'll definitely vote against breaking things up into generations. That is just not in general how Ford guys talk about their trucks or much of any of Ford brands. I...
  16. co04cobra

    05 F350 Lariat options

    Back of the seats should say lariat and appear they do but it would not have been a lariat without having eatc. Even the heater boxes are different for eatc to accept their blower motor resistor. Wiring harnesses in the truck are also different for the lariat. It’s not only a dash and cluster...
  17. co04cobra

    Help!!! Braking pulls hard right

    I agree with CT. Usually I’ll go on a drive with varied amounts of braking then temp gun the rotors.
  18. co04cobra

    Wheel hub

    Get a Ford unit. Hands down
  19. co04cobra

    Best aftermarket stock-ish headlights?

    Looks very nice Wayne!! I have been clear coating the aftermarket headlights and that seems to help keep them from getting moisture inside the lens so fast.
  20. co04cobra

    2003 6.0 swapped to 7.3

    If the swap was done right it should have zero to do with the OD light flashing.