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  1. Sterling6.7

    Early 6.7 with a 10 speed

    Has anyone seen this done? Are there any kits out there yet? Would it make sense if a trans replacement was imminent anyways? Just brainstorming a bit.
  2. Sterling6.7

    ‘13 F350 Turning Issue

    Posting this for a friend who has a ‘13 F350 CCLB 4x4 with about 180K miles and every so often, when he leaves the house first thing in the morning, the truck will want to “hold” on to the turn. He says that he has to force the wheel out of the turn. Says that this may happen once or a few times...
  3. Sterling6.7

    Recommended Transmission Fluid 6R140

    Jim, Contemplating doing a change on the transmission fluid and am looking for your recommendation on the fluid to put back. On the website, it looks like 1150 might be the correct one, but looking for your input here please. Also, am I able to mix this with the existing factory fill fluid or...
  4. Sterling6.7

    Recommended Oil

    Jim, I have been looking for some of this info and haven't found it yet, so maybe this can help others too. Please help me with a recommendation on some of your product. I am putting about 7500 miles on per year on my 6.7 and using Ford 10w30 and Ford filter. Currently changing about every 5000...
  5. Sterling6.7

    Power Folding Mirror Issues

    Every so often, one or both of the mirrors will begin to fold, or unfold, and then stop. I can help it along, it starts going again and then it POPS when it gets to the limit. I have made sure that I am pressing firmly on the switch and it still happens. I am still on the original batteries, but...
  6. Sterling6.7

    Code P007E Help Please

    I searched for this and came up with 4 other threads. One said possible wiring damage so I looked at that. Two others said update the MM. I have an XRT running Tyrant. Would an update help even though I am not running H&S tunes? It is random and has only started since it just got down in the 20°...
  7. Sterling6.7

    CCLB Traction Bar Install Questions

    I was able to get a set of bars for my truck yesterday for a good deal. Thanks to Jeff and Mike at NL for the good service and thanks to Dave at OUO for helping me with some dumb questions while I was there picking up parts. All great guys. Today I decided to lay it all out and start making...
  8. Sterling6.7

    Best Detail Around Portland/Beaverton Area

    Anybody know of a good one? Or even a sh!itty one to stay away from? Thanks in advance.
  9. Sterling6.7

    Radius Arm Pivot Bolt Torque?

    I'm working on some bracing for the front end and I need to R/R the radius arm pivot bolts to complete the install. Does anyone know where I can find the torque settings for the factory bolts? I have not been able to find it except for some lift kit replacements. Thanks in advance.
  10. Sterling6.7

    Exhaust Brake Round 2

    This was posted elsewhere, but there was no response. Has anyone seen these for the '11-'14s? Do they work? Worth the money? Hopefully this one doesn't turn out like the last one... Or round 1.
  11. Sterling6.7

    4-5 Transmission Squeal Help

    I've been doing some reading and it seems the 4-5 squeal is due to the weak factory parts. I have experienced this about 10-12 times so far and I'm a little worried that if I continue pushing the 4-5 shift hard, it will cost a transmission. I have read on here that someone was able to tune this...