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  1. gotchadollar

    Looks like ppei is getting out of it.

    Too funny to not post
  2. gotchadollar

    Built obs

    Any idea what power it makes
  3. gotchadollar

    Built obs

    Is it just the compressor missing on the ac?
  4. gotchadollar

    H&S XRT PRO tuner

    Will you take a pic of holding the bottom left button to see what the code is if it’s a legit H&S if so I’ll take it
  5. gotchadollar

    Built transmission

    I Have the suncoast kit as well in my truck and love it. Randys Transmissions did mine.
  6. gotchadollar

    FS: Fox 2.0 Shocks (F&R)

    Interested! Where are you located
  7. gotchadollar

    Engine replacement.

    Cab Removal.pdf
  8. gotchadollar

    Honest 6.7 turbo talk For The People

    Gearing plays a factor into it as well, 3.31 with a 66 is a dog off the bottom but hang on once she’s lit, I have a 64.5 with 3.55 and dual fueler and it spools really well at 4000 feet. The egts stay under 1000 under load hard at it. I think that’s the best set up for these trucks.
  9. gotchadollar

    Dual fueler installed

    Give a try. I’ve had *******, tyrant, and it was never as good as I thought it should be. Plus you can’t ever deal with Cale directly, always have to go through a 3rd party, so the story of what’s wrong can get mixed easily, I Switched to Dark Side calibrations and it has been...
  10. gotchadollar

    Who has the best transmission tunes?
  11. gotchadollar

    Soft Sidewall D-Rated/8ply 18" Tires?

    Personally opinion, the Nitto terra grappler G2 is by far the best riding and best quality tire I have found, I used to have Toyo at2 and I hated they way the truck rode, they are damn near the same tire it that nitto is by far hard to beat.
  12. gotchadollar

    Transmission issue

    The clutches were just burnt, mine did exactly what yours was doing then i would rev it up in drive and it would lock in 5th gear so i was still able to move it.
  13. gotchadollar

    Transmission issue

    Mine was doing the same thing, these were my clutches.
  14. gotchadollar

    Aftermarket radiator?

    I’ve put performance radiator and advance auto parts radiators in and they’ve been descent, but like you said, half the thickness of OEM.
  15. gotchadollar

    What are injector cores worth these days? give 45.00 for AE injectors and 20 for AD injectors
  16. gotchadollar


    Thanks man, truck runs and drives perfectly. I would think if there was debris in the fuel system we would have some serious issues. I’ll try to pull them both out today and see what we got
  17. gotchadollar


    Truck throws a P0001 with check engine light every once in a while when I start it. Sometimes it will throw it 10 times a day, sometimes it doesn’t do it for a week, when I clear it with the truck running the idle will drop down and then come back up to normal. Anyone else ever seen something...
  18. gotchadollar

    2011-2015 Turbo discussion thread

    I lost my trans at 28,000. but my buddy has had his 2011 with stock trans at that power for 120,000 miles. Shows you the difference in those extra clutch packs I guess.
  19. gotchadollar

    2011-2015 Turbo discussion thread

    Correct sir
  20. gotchadollar

    2011-2015 Turbo discussion thread

    Mines at 680-689hp Buddy of mine, 2011 has done 720-730hp