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  1. dsberman94

    7.3 aftermarket injectors and turbo.

    Just swapped a bunch of stuff around with my truck. Trying to sell a couple things to get some extra dollars for vacation next month. I’ll post a price for each item but feel free to make an offer. I’d rather see someone get use out of it than have it sit around in my barn. I’ll ship anything...
  2. dsberman94

    7.3 parts

    I have a brand new set of smith bros pushrods that I bought to put in my truck. Ended up buying a long block with them already in it. They’re still sealed in the original package. Asking $200 for them. Will probably have some more stuff to add to this thread once I get thing swapped around.
  3. dsberman94

    NEPA to eastern Tennessee.

    Leaving late 7/7 or early 7/8 to head down to Maryville Tennessee. Will be heading back 7/11. If anyone needs anything on the way let me know. Just have the truck bed open.
  4. dsberman94

    WTB tan lower dash panel for 02 lariat.

    Looking for the piece that the cup holder and hook are mounted on. Mine has a giant hole in it from the PO and I need to mount other equipment there. Let me know what you have. Ready to buy asap.
  5. dsberman94

    fuel bowl line will not seal

    i pulled my fuel bowl off a while back and i did buy the viton sleeve from riffraff for when i put the line back on. No matter what i do i cannot get the top driver side fitting to seal properly. even without the truck running it has a steady drip and i get a decent puddle of fuel under the...
  6. dsberman94

    Factory cac boot strength?

    My father and I got to talking last weekend about the time we were towing a 32' tow behind camper on a highway up a hill near fishkill New York, and we blew the rubber intercooler boot off at the intake pipe, it blew off with enough force that the pipe dented the underside of the hood on a...
  7. dsberman94

    Aftermarket hpop problem symptoms.

    I'm currently having an issue with my hpo system. Now it's on fresh 15-40 oil and it's still there with the same symptoms and issues. Oil gets up to around 180* and it dies. Can't restart it till it gets below 130* then it dies again around 180*. This is with a t500. I haven't had a chance to...
  8. dsberman94

    diesel O-ring dipstick repair kit.

    ive been expecting this for a while now. being a northern truck its entire life and having over 200k miles at this point, my oil pan has started gushing oil all of a sudden at the dipstick area on the pan. there was not even a day where there was a couple of drips, just gushing and a puddle...
  9. dsberman94

    Let's see your amp mount.

    Curious as to how you guys have your Amps mounted. Currently mine is screwed down under the back seat. It's been somewhat temperamental since I put sound deadener in the cab. And actually before that. And it's hard to reach under the back seat. I actually have to completely have to unbolt the...
  10. dsberman94

    6.7 fuel pump on 7.3.

    So I saw that swinky did a write up on putting a 6.7 fuel pump on his 6.0. I know where I can get a used 6.7 fuel pump pretty cheap on a completely messed up truck. I'm putting some bigger injectors in the truck shortly so I figure they'll need more fuel sooner than later. I'll be doing this, a...
  11. dsberman94

    Idm issues.

    Glad I'm allowed back today as I'm having a fairly serious issue. Truck threw a cel, ran a scan with my insight and it came up idm codes detected p1316. Light stays on for a while then turns off then comes back on again. Seems to be randomly doing it. No set amount of time on or off. So last...
  12. dsberman94

    F350 rear blocks and u bolts.

    Looking for rear blocks and u bolts from a 350. Anyone?
  13. dsberman94

    No cold start. Need help.

    Having issues starting my truck. Fuel isn't gelled. Oil is full. Batteries are charged. New CPS. When turning the key oil pressure will hit 2300. With koeo there is something clicking like crazy under the dash and one under the hood clicking which interrupts the clicking inside when it does it...
  14. dsberman94

    Who's got the down low on leaf spring differences.

    Ok so the main leaf in one of my leaf packs is broken. Bad axle wrap right now and a bunch of other weird feelings happening because of it. Also the rear tire is shifted back about an inch from where it should be. Went up to the U pull it yard today and they've got about half a dozen tree...
  15. dsberman94

    Who knows how to make a tc lock/auto/unlock switch? Need help.

    Looking for someone to help me make a torque converter lock/auto/unlock switch. I've got an on-off-on switch with three posts. How do I do this and which wire is it in the trans wiring harness. Thanks in advance.
  16. dsberman94

    can i do this with wheel studs?

    will drw wheel studs be able to be put into the front wheel hubs? i need longer studs because im trying to do something and it seems like the drw stud will be long enough, as long as i can put them in the front. thanks for any help.
  17. dsberman94

    New tire from toyo

    Toyo is coming out with an open country r/t in September. Says they're made in the USA in Georgia. Look good too. Can't wait to see pricing and some reviews.
  18. dsberman94

    What would cause a drain on batteries without running.

    Came home and parked the truck Monday night from work. Go out Tuesday afternoon to leave for work and batteries are dead. Had just enough to unlock the door and put the window down. Then nothing. Window wouldn't even go back up. I disconnected the sub wiring thinking it may have been shorting...
  19. dsberman94

    Screens in back of headrests.

    Anyone on here done this. I just picked up rear buckets and I want to finish off the interior before I worry about going fast. I mean it's a 7.3, it's slow even with go fast parts. Interior to me is about comfort, outside is for work. Since I have the center console in the back I was thinking it...
  20. dsberman94

    What to do in Charlotte for a night?

    Gonna be in Charlotte NC for a night Saturday June 21st. What's good to do around there. Good hotel on the east/northeast side around $80-$100 a night. Just me and a friend coming. Lmk what's good.