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  1. psduser1

    Hpop vendors

    Hey fellas, anybody have an aftermarket hpop on the shelf? I'm looking for an adrenaline or cncfab stg 2 sized pump. I talked to cncfab this afternoon, and they are about 3 weeks out. They also mentioned dieselsite being about 4 weeks out:cautious:. Figured I'd ask here, see if anyone had...
  2. psduser1

    2wd excursion suspension upgrades

    I've done a couple of 4x4s, never messed with the 2x s. The last excursion got ctperformance's setup, and I was really happy with the handling. I called Cary, and he couldn't really offer much advice with the 2x setup, so I'm looking for advice. The rear is pretty straightforward, I think...
  3. psduser1

    02 excursion

    Alright fellas, I've got an 02 excursion for sale.... I actually have two, one has to go. Both are high mile trucks, but serviceable. Both are 7.3, limited Truck one - 4x4, 260k mi, converted from 4x2, so the 4x light doesn't activate when it's locked in 4 wheel. Never could find the right...
  4. psduser1

    7.3l spider

    Hey fellas, I'm not real active here anymore, but I need a spider for an 02 7.3l. Bought another excursion, and the v band flange is broken off. Most of the local guys have gotten into newer platforms, so I'm on the hunt for dinosaur parts, lol. Anybody got one that want to get rid of, shoot...
  5. psduser1

    Great issues

    I'm checking voltage across my gpr, and its not right. Power in is 12.8 ish on the main lug-battery voltage. Turn the key on, the wts light is lit, and voltage on the scanguage drops to 11.8 ish, for about 2 minutes, just as it should. Trouble is, with the key on, at the relay, I have 12v on...
  6. psduser1

    4r vs e4od

    So I have a pcs sitting here, with an e4od harness. I also have an e4od trans on the shelf, in need of a rebuild. The question is, worth it to buy a core 4r, and harness, or just use what I have? Going to swap my zf6 out for an auto, cause I'm old and lazy. I'm happy with the other two autos...
  7. psduser1

    Zf 6 info

    Alright fellas, I tore up a zf thru sheer dumbs!!t. Jimdawg has a sight glass that I think will work to make life easier for me to keep an eye on fluid level and quality, but I need the thread pitch and size of the fill port. The idea is to replace the plug with a sight glass, and with the trans...
  8. psduser1

    Urbana il help!

    Anybody near Urbana that can recommend a shop? My 2000 has let me down, and I need to have it fixed! I've got a wrecker on the way, but I have no idea where to get this repaired. Even better, I'm supposed to be in TX Monday morning, so any pointers for a rental company, car or truck would be...
  9. psduser1

    E99 turbo

    Got a neighbor kid looking for an e99 stock turbo. Anybody got one? Just needs to be serviceable. His is "locked up", apparently not rebuildeable.
  10. psduser1

    Led fastflash

    Dumb question, but I'm stumped. I've got led taillights on my 00 dually. Changed the relay,everything worked great. I put led tails on the 01, changed the relay, and still have the fast flash. What gives? Using the ep27 relay.
  11. psduser1

    Cnc plasma tables

    So I am working with a small mechanical company now, and my buddy and I are getting a fabrication shop rolling for them. We mainly build pipe spools, currently, but there is a market for transfer panels (food grade sanitary). A deal popped up on a plasma cam brand table, and since I've never...
  12. psduser1

    Fried pcm?

    So I started with a nostart condition, on this late 99/00 pickup. 260k miles, zf6. Replaced the starter, the relay on the fender, and the clutch interlock switch, mostly due to their age, and relative cost. Throwing parts at it, in other words. When I go to mount the starter-with wires...
  13. psduser1

    Recommendations for speakers

    2002 excursion needs some attention in the audio department. It's been 15 years, give or take, since I've done anything with stereos, so I need some advice on replacement speakers. Not going for competition quality, but it would be nice to turn it up, and still have good quality music. So far...
  14. psduser1

    7.3 odds and ends

    I have the following pieces left over from various swaps. All parts are were in service when taken apart, and are in good shape. Two stock sd turbos, 38 gtp. #1 complete, boltin, ready to go $250 #2 missing the exhaust flange that I used on my 38r. $150 Both turbos came from 200k engines, and...
  15. psduser1

    99-03 parts

    I've got my 2wd-4wd swap about wrapped up, got a few pieces left over I need to get gone. All prices obo. Two plastic end cap intercooler 50$/ea Radiator 50$/ea Set of intercooler piping, with boots and clamps 100$ for the set Two stock gt38 turbos, btw around 200k miles 250$/ea. One has...
  16. psduser1

    Salvage excursion

    I have an 03 ex, ltd, with front end damage. Second and third row seats are available, fronts are sold. Passenger front belt, rear seat belts are good. Middle row belts are there, but they were in use during the accident, available at your own risk, lol. Overhead console is good, all the dash...
  17. psduser1

    excursion project

    Since my local guy backed out, I have to sell this limited 03 excursion, as a project. It has been wrecked, and totalled, by my insurance company. Having said that, in Michigan, it can be repaired, and titled as original, with some leg and paperwork. Basically, the front end is "tweaked"...
  18. psduser1

    new project, need some parts

    Ok fellas, I just bought an 02 excursion. Looking for an 05 front end, preferably Harley Davidson. All or part, except the header. I have one available. Ptm bumpers, both front and back. I'm also looking for a front driveshaft, as this truck is going to grow up into a 4x4, lol. I actually...
  19. psduser1

    poor mileage

    Alright guys, I don't know these 6.0s like the old 7.3. Got a buddy just bought an 03/04? F250. Says he's getting 8 mpg, empty or loaded. I know the 6.0s were slightly less on the mpg, but this sounds ridiculous, lol. He's got the dealer hooking it to a scanner, I told him to pay attention...
  20. psduser1

    03 excursion

    I'm looking for an 03 excursion, 4x4, 7.3, either a limited or Eddie Bauer edition. Doesn't need to run, or drive, as long as the body is perfect. It needs to be at least an 8 out of 10 on the body. I have a totalled 03, that was mechanically excellent, however, the frame is severely tweaked...