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  1. Derek@Vision Diesel

    Custom orders

    For those of you that have gone through with the ordering process with Ford, is there any way to track things without asking your dealer for updates? We have 2 trucks that ford sent into the plant on the 21st... I am kind of anxious to see what the timeline is! From what I've heard it'll...
  2. Derek@Vision Diesel

    VDP Annual Dyno Day- Woodburn, OR

    This year we have changed it up a bit and will be including drag racing to go along with our customer appreciation and dyno day. We have been lucky enough to bring in some of the industries leading manufacturers to help us provide a fun filled day for our customers. ATS Diesel, Dynomite...
  3. Derek@Vision Diesel

    6.0 powerstroke WDI 350/100 Hybrids

    350cc with a 100% nozzle After running them I believe you could easily daily drive this combo. Very impressive how far injectors have come for these engines over the last few years. These injectors have approximately 20 passes on them. Ran in our shop truck since about April. Ran at 65psi...
  4. Derek@Vision Diesel

    6.4 injector cores and k16 cores

    Is anyone buying pump or injector cores?? We have a few sets of injectors and pumps of unknown condition.
  5. Derek@Vision Diesel

    Full Force 300/200 hybrids- BRAND NEW

    These have never been opened. The box arrived for a customer 6 months ago and he has given us the loop around about bringing his truck in ever since. We would rather see someone use them then let them sit on our shelf. Full Force has authorized selling them as a brand new product with full...
  6. Derek@Vision Diesel

    6.4 ARP head studs- 1 torque

    These were installed previously to us getting the truck to put a long block in it. Ended up going a different route and didn't need these. Complete kit part # 250-4203. Only 1 torque on them and the head gasket was in perfect shape when pulled apart. $375
  7. Derek@Vision Diesel

    2007 F250 Lariat Outlaw- 6.0 Powerstroke

    My 2007 F250 Lariat Outlaw Edition is for sale. I am the 2nd owner and looking to get into a long bed. 6.0 Powerstroke that has been fixed correctly. This truck is set up to the perfect daily driver/tow rig. That is exactly what I have used it for for the last year without a single issue. This...
  8. Derek@Vision Diesel

    1997 F350- 7.3- 4x4- CLEAN! $14,500

    It is actually a F250, but was straight axle swapped so is essentially now an f350. 97 Ford F-350 XLT 4x4 7.3 Powerstroke. Odometer has 267xxx miles , but i swapped another motor in with only 100K on it. Runs strong I've put 7K miles on it and had no issues with the motor. Resealed the motor...
  9. Derek@Vision Diesel

    11-14 6.7 Stock Turbo and associated parts

    Came off of a 2014 truck with about 20k miles on it. Turbo Exhaust Manifolds Up-pipe pieces Virtually everything you would remove when installing a 2015 turbo. All parts are currently boxed and ready to ship. Entire Kit: $1000 + Ship Just turbo: $850 + Ship
  10. Derek@Vision Diesel

    Powermax Turbo- 6.0 Powerstroke

    Turbo has 20k miles on it. It was sold to a customer of ours and he ran it for awhile. I then bought the truck from him and return the turbo to stock form as it was better for what we need the truck for. Turbo built normal boost, drove perfectly fine, and otherwise seemed great when removed...
  11. Derek@Vision Diesel

    5r110 has reverse- locks up in D

    To condense a long story, we are interested in hearing others opinions. Truck has been to 2 other shops and a local ford dealership. Originally the customer was loading his H&S MCC tunes onto the truck and says he accidently selected an engine tune when it asked for the transmission tune...
  12. Derek@Vision Diesel

    Leveling a 250- reverse

    I know this has been asked numerous times and I know there is lots of info on it. Most people however are using different coil springs up front. I plan to use the stock 2007 F250 springs in the front and level the rear accordingly. Currently the truck is lowered about 4" below stock height...
  13. Derek@Vision Diesel

    Complete 6.4 engine

    Looking for a couple of running and complete 6.4 engines. Whether they have accessories is not a huge deal, we do have most of that stuff (alternators, starters, water pumps, ect). Needs to be ready to run other than some bolt on's though. What is available out there? We may have a use for...
  14. Derek@Vision Diesel

    CORES- 6.0 turbos and up-pipes

    We have a large amount of turbo and up-pipe cores saved up. (30) 6.0 cores from various years (10) sets of 6.0 up-pipes from various years Few sets of 6.4 up-pipes (5) 7.3 turbo cores (5) 5.9 cummins turbos cores Anyone interested in a pallet of cores??
  15. Derek@Vision Diesel

    6.0 Injectors/T4 turbo for sale

    225cc/ 100% nozzle injectors built by Holders Diesel. Built from BRAND NEW motorcraft injectors, not cores. These injectors have approximately 15 track passes and 100 miles of daily driving with Schaeffers motor oil. Oil has been changed twice in that time, so it stays new. Fuel pressure has...
  16. Derek@Vision Diesel

    Will SCT read the stock EGT probe?

    As the title says. We have learned that Edge CTS and CS will not read the factory EGT probe that is able to be installed in most common EGR ****** kits. Is SCT able to read the factory probe or will it require their probe be installed for the 7015 and the 5015p
  17. Derek@Vision Diesel

    6.0 tuning/limiters

    Figured some of you may be able to save us some time if you have seen this before... 2003 F350. Wont fuel up to its potential, mostly high RPM issues. Currently running 225/100 and an S371 with a DieselSite high flow HPOP. This truck does have a 4r100 with a stand alone as well, which I am...
  18. Derek@Vision Diesel

    03-09 cummins engine

    Currently looking for a comlete 5.9 or 6.7 cummins. Would be much easier if it was pulled from the vehicle complete and ready to run. Anything from 2003-2009. The most preferred would be 06-07 5.9. I know some of you part out lots of vehicles, so please let me know what is available...
  19. Derek@Vision Diesel

    700hp 6.4 part out- everything goes!

    The background: Each and every part in this listing has 1500 miles on it unless otherwise noted. We need no cores for anything. All parts are sitting on a shelf and ready to ship. If someone wants the rotating assembly, which has already been balanced, we can have it assembled before shipping...
  20. Derek@Vision Diesel

    Barder Stage 3 turbo- 6.0 powerstroke

    This turbo has been on our shop truck with both 175/30s and 190/75s. It cleaned both of them up to absolutely NOTHING on a full PW race tune. 500 miles and 30 track passes on this turbo. Always ran Schaeffer 9000 fluid. Both injectors daily drove great, no issues at all with very minor...