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    Switch back (turn signal) problems??

    2015 6.7L...issue with 3157 (Non-CK) Switchback: Morimoto XB LED's After installation, we did use the Ford IDS to reconfigure the BCM (per Ford's Q-158R3 related to using LED's in 2011+ vehicles). want to see if anyone else is having any weird issues with these (or other brands) LED or switch...
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    2011+ regular cab

    ...anyone found a sub that fits? my 2015 RC needs some tunes...nothing bonkers, just planning on a head unit, one sub, an amp and replace the 4 stock speakers with something better...
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    New parts coming soon...

    Just took delivery of our Rottler 5 axis CNC machining center, Rottler seat & guide machine, and diamond cylinder hone. Looking forward to making chips with these dudes...and continuing to improve our products & services.
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    932hp single turbo, fuel only

    923hp peak @ 3200rpm, over 800hp from 2450rpm to 4100rpm, single charger, fuel only
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    Wanted to buy- 6.4L engine only

    Need a running engine to use for dyno mockup and controls testing...does not need to be perfect or complete. Just something to slap on our engine dyno and verify control system. Will pay cash &/or or credit towards parts &/or labor for performance modifications. Email only: dave at
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    08-10 2WD shock recommendations...

    Ever since the DJM 3/5 lowering kit was installed...the FRONT end of the truck feels like a freaking 1982 Cadillac on bumps. The OEM shocks were we just tossed a set of ProComp ("sport tuned?") cheapies on there..and they suck as bad as the blown ass OEM shocks... Today, we just...
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    71mm billet S300 T4 turbo for sale

    Run less than 10k miles on my 7.3L Excursion... Borg Warner S300 frame 71mm billet compressor wheel 74mm turbine wheel 1.10 AR T4 (not T4i) non-wastegated turbine housing perfect shape, zero issues...just looking to put something bigger on... $1000 shipped. will also include new, never...
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    New 7.3L Product Release Designed, engineered, and produced exclusively for Swamp's Diesel, by Spirolox. These performance piston pin retainers are used exclusively in our stock & performance engine builds, and are recommended for any...
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    SWAMP'S is looking to hire experienced tech!

    SWAMP'S IS GROWING (again!) We are currently looking to add an experienced shop mechanic/tech to our staff! Please email resume`s to [email protected]
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    38R Price Drop

    New pricing on the Garrett 38R ball bearing turbocharger for 1999.5-2003 7.3L vehicles! $1440 shipped
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    08 2WD wheel options?

    searched and searched for some decent looking street wheels, that I can toss onto the (2008 6.4) 2WD...but am coming up pretty short on options due to the change in axle length from the older chassis'. wouldn't be opposed to going (slightly) staggered... any advice from the wheel/tire guys...
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    6.0L H11 head studs on Sale plenty in stock, free shipping.
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    New 7.3L Pistons

    We're very close in testing our new billet steel pistons we've designed for the 7.3L engines. We've been making regular updates to our Facebook page, but realize there are many users who do not frequent FB, so I'll try to make updates here as well, regarding this, as well as our other new...
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    finally..interior work.

    picked up the 2000 Ex a year ago from a customer with too many trucks... did some mild engine & trans work on it...but the interior was a disaster. just picked it up last night was hoping for a little more contrast on the suede inserts, but the quality is tops... new carpet, suede headliner...
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    New Injector Warranty & new product information!

    200,000 mile Injector Warranty Swamp's Diesel is kicking off 2012 with a warranty that is worthy of our injectors! also, check out recent updates & additions to our webstore here... Swamp's Diesel Web Store we also have some new turbo packages for the 7.3L> HERE and, as always...if you...
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    SWAMP’S DIESEL PERFORMANCE TO APPEAR ON MOTORHEAD GARAGE (with legendary hosts, Sam Memmolo & Dave Bowman) SUNDAY 9/25 @ 11:30 am on FSN/SUN Sports....or your local affiliate network (rebroadcast 9/26 @ 4:30pm) We are proud to have worked with Rudy's Diesel Innovative Diesel & A1...
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    Steering gear box...

    Since I have to wait & get scheduled for my own junk in our shop...annnnd I've been fighting crappy loose steering on my 2000 Excursion since I picked it up in January...285/75s no lift Is there a reliably TIGHT steering box supplier? I've replaced 99.99% of everything under the front of the...
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    Contact Information

    Swamp's Diesel Performance & Technology 304-A Sand Hill Rd. LaVergne, TN 37086 toll free# 866-595-8724 (extension 2) local (middle TN)# 615-793-5573 (ext 2) fax# 615-793-5572 email- [email protected] website & product inquiries can be emailed to my above listed email address or sent...