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  1. dsberman94

    Rear leaf code by vin?

    Being in the rear on a stock height vehicle with no added or high weight, no. A healthy sway bar system even just in the front will help with body roll also. A rear sway bar would help even more.
  2. dsberman94

    Rear leaf code by vin?

    Lower weight rating and higher arch is probably going to sit at the same spot as the heavier spring.
  3. dsberman94


    Guess people aren’t allowed to retire from major corporations and do something else with their life.
  4. dsberman94

    VGT SWITCH? (just for idle)

    I think I remember that one. Guy wanted people to meet him at his house which was like a 4 story box with way too many windows and 6 cars in the driveway. Lol
  5. dsberman94

    2013 Head Unit Adapter

    What exactly does the dash kit look like for this? And what headunit are you using? I can’t say I’ve ever seen one into a vehicle since sync came around that went into the dash.
  6. dsberman94

    DTA360 Re-Power

    Zip ties n bias plies on YouTube says it. But it’s a shot at bill Cosby.
  7. dsberman94

    Favorite injectors

    Probably full force. Pretty sure they just about the only ones left.
  8. dsberman94

    Rear leaf code by vin?

  9. dsberman94

    Rear leaf code by vin?

    It’s on the door sticker on my SD truck. Maybe in the same spot for you. I believe that reads as v code front A code rear. .
  10. dsberman94

    Aftermarket headlights? That actually look good..

    I don’t think $265 if honestly that bad for a good quality product if that’s what your looking for. Pretty sure HID replacements are about the same price aren’t they?
  11. dsberman94

    99-04 vs newer frame and body

    Definitely 05 plus. Coil spring, bigger brakes, better 4wd, better front end.
  12. dsberman94

    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    Looks like moderators got removed when the platform changed but admins were kept. So crowz is one. Lol
  13. dsberman94

    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    I went as far as to make a profile on his new bronco forum and message him on there that there is spam here he needs to take care of. He says he doesn’t see any. Also asked if he’d make a couple of active people here mods and nothing on that either.
  14. dsberman94

    OBS vs 2002 wheels ???

    That’s not what those numbers mean. So a 315 tire is “roughly” 315mm wide. Height is accomplished with the next number, in most cases looking for a 35” tall tire is 75, meaning the length...
  15. dsberman94

    OBS vs 2002 wheels ???

    You won’t fine a standard measurement tire that thin. Have to go metric. Which is probably like a 265 or 275.
  16. dsberman94

    Billet steel 2" spacers??

    They about $5.30 each from advance auto. Even better would be a you pull it yard. Probably get the whole set of 32 for about $10. No need to question what they can or any get based on how hard it is to get dumb shit the past 2 years.
  17. dsberman94

    SCT X4

    Fixed since we’re bumping threads from that era.
  18. dsberman94

    OBS vs 2002 wheels ???

    My forehead is really starting to hurt from you.
  19. dsberman94

    CB Antenna mounting location for aluminum bodied truck?

    I don’t think I would trust that to not leak. Last company I worked for ended up buying back racks for all the trucks to mount lights and antennas to. After the half assed round magnet wouldn’t work and destroyed the paint on all the brand new trucks.
  20. dsberman94

    OBS vs 2002 wheels ???

    315 on stock wheels is done all the time. Run lower pressure or the center runs low.

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