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    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    Very nice, I think a big email as well as some active posts on the FB Groups would maybe help bring some folks back this way! (maybe not, but never hurts to try)

    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    Have you tried to reach out to any of the old guys? be nice to get some of them back and maybe there friends as well. really miss the old active forum days!

    WTB: 6.4 Trucks Needing engine work

    I know not many of us are active anymore on the forums, but wanted to bump this back up. looking for rebuildable 6.4's crew cabs only, Trim packages above an XLT and less then 175K miles

    Anyone have a write up on Rocker Arm replacement?

    its not a bad job at all honestly, back in the day when i first posted this I was iffy on it but once I dove in, was easy. now a days Im actually going all in and rebuilding 6.4's. kind of funny looking back on our rookie selves

    6.4 Iron head oring protrusion

    I think KDD is .011. I have been cutting all mine at .008 for the 6.0 might try and go .009/.010 after this thread and hearing of KDD doing .011 (cant recall where I seen them say they do .011, maybe one of jareds posts on FB. I wondered if they would have been willing to share their specs...

    6.4 Iron head oring protrusion

    I always had heard .008 was the magic number as well. Are you cutting them in yourself or having a machine shop do them?

    6.4 Iron head oring protrusion

    im interested to know what you come up with also, I have always heard .008 was the ticket, but also recently seen a post on FB that some are going as tall as .011, but that opened a whole new argument of how much is to much before it starts cutting into the gasket instead of clamping.

    Progress report on my build

    Hes on FB quite often but I dont think hes done much with his truck, been busy with his fab shop building parts for others builds

    Cps options.

    its been a while since I dabbled in the 7.3 World but last ones I was using/peddling were the ones from IH for a T444E.
  10. TRUBBS

    Absolute Performance leaking Intercooler. **update Installed No Limit Intercooler

    I looked at steves FB, last post was from 2020 and had some angry customers commenting, the AP page has even more upset comments
  11. TRUBBS

    No freaking way

    Its nice to see some of the old names pop back up, I learned a ton from these forums, back when PSN was around, then mike sold it to autoguide? I didnt know mike owned the army, I thought Gary (PTSuperD) had started the army. None the less, I would love to see FB fall off and the forums make a...
  12. TRUBBS

    cracked front cover

    Mix that with Hot/cold cycles and vibrations is definitely a combination for a stress crack. Going to SD swap this one & send her on it’s marry way
  13. TRUBBS

    cracked front cover

    Unfortunately I think yours might have been A bad coincidence, being a 96 and seeing that’s where all these cracked covers are from, I’d almost bet it was cracking(ed) on its own and the drop only solidified it. Not sure what it is about this short run cover but seams fairly common from the...
  14. TRUBBS

    Extreme Studs 6.0 , 6.4 , 6.7 , 7.3

    Anyone else still using these guys? I have been super happy with them in my 6.4, wanted to order a set for a motor I’m doing for a guy, but the price is now close to $700 bucks! I remember when they were around 450-500, the last set I ordered was $600. Just curious if that’s just MSRP or...
  15. TRUBBS

    cracked front cover

    I know this is a super old thread, and not many guys frequent the forums anymore (honestly is a shame, I found these to be a HUGE help when I was learning) but did we ever figure out the cause of these in 96’s? I have the exact same issue as the OP. 2 covers cracked in the exact same spot a...
  16. TRUBBS

    Fuel rail fluctuations. P0087, P2291

    Tuned truck with H&S (newer “hacked” H&S from Rudy’s)
  17. TRUBBS

    Fuel rail fluctuations. P0087, P2291

    I actually found my issue as a last ditch hailmarry after everything in fords pinpoint diagnosis turned up nothing, and no one I talked to could think of anything else to look at. and could be your guys issue as well, Ford had an updated calibration/configuration at some point during the run on...
  18. TRUBBS

    Fuel rail fluctuations. P0087, P2291

    I’m fighting this EXACT same issue, I’ve checked just about anything and am loosing my mind. Did you ever find a fix?
  19. TRUBBS

    Piston protrusion issue

    I would be careful, if it was me I would machine the tops while it’s out. I just finished putting a 6.4 back together that had a dynamic rebuild installed and had .040 Protrusion. Ended up kissing every valve. Granted it was a Stage 1 cam, Non flycut pistons. Spec calls for .024-.034 of...
  20. TRUBBS

    WTB: 6.4 Trucks Needing engine work

    Just sent you a PM.

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