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    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    @Shaggy Anyway to stop dumbass people from bumping 10 year old threads? And/or can you turn on ignore feature

    new garrett turbo surge?

    I have never adjusted one. Just cap the red line and send it. Stock and tubes trucks.

    2000 7.3 powerstroke engine for sale (runs excellent)

    I sware you're a fucking retard

    DTA360 Re-Power

    This is what we need here. A new fully documented build... Thank you!

    Anyone have a write up on Rocker Arm replacement?

    Does it need rockers or a cam/lifters... :nailbite:

    PO278 and PO306 codes and smoking

    I don't like relative compression tests I've found them useful to find a completely dead cylinder and that's about it. Buuuut.. I'd be cutting the oil filter open first before pulling VC and checking for metal

    6.0 Starting Issue

    Oh good you're awake. Text in bound. But yes.. DO Not GET THE PIGTAILS. you'll hate your life with 3 ginormous bundles of butt connectors all wrapped up under ficm.

    6.0 Starting Issue

    Connectors are like $30 each and take about 10 mins for each plug to change over. AP0018/19/20 are the connectors out of alliant power catalog

    cp4 changes

    What additives do you use?
  10. DEEZUZ

    cylinder contribution test

    Back probe the power wire into pump and toss it to 12v.
  11. DEEZUZ

    cp4 changes

    Don't let your tank go below 1/4 is number 1. Change your fuel filters not as often as you want to... Everytime you change fuel filters you introduce air... Don't worry, they are filtering just fine.. Keep that water in fuel drain active. Drain it every other month in summer and every 3...
  12. DEEZUZ

    P259f code on 2017 f350 3k mi. Wtf

    Why an absolute crock of shit. "pre oiler"? Wtf? The turbo and bearings see oil perfectly fine and oil leaves a nice sheen on everything there is no such thing as dry starts anymore. Full oil psi is reached within 3 seconds of start up anyway. Other issues/bullshit going on there
  13. DEEZUZ

    2007 f450 6.0 idle problems

    870 is default icp. There is an issue possibly with icp sensor or wiring
  14. DEEZUZ

    cp4 changes

    Yes, dodge/ram/fca whatever the fuck their called will either change your pump or if you already paid for the repair reimburse you. You won't see a dime from GM or Ford... All the oe's had a choice of how they wanted the internals of the cp4 outfitted. They all chose the cheapest route...
  15. DEEZUZ

    PO278 and PO306 codes and smoking
  16. DEEZUZ

    PO278 and PO306 codes and smoking

    Do you have a fuel shop near you that can test common rail injectors? Where ya at
  17. DEEZUZ

    PO278 and PO306 codes and smoking

    But if your blowby is OK, then perhaps the cylinder is OK.
  18. DEEZUZ

    PO278 and PO306 codes and smoking

    It is not common. I do compression tests before I just swap a new injector in. I've found more with cylinder issues then bad injectors
  19. DEEZUZ

    PO278 and PO306 codes and smoking

    Any recent work to that injector/cylinder? Take your oil fill cap off, is crankcase pressure high/puffing?
  20. DEEZUZ

    2006 6.0 block trouble

    Yes that thrust throw is definitely off.. Again I have never ever heard of this ever. Wow

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