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    looking for clarification on a turbo oil leak

    I had a stage 2 VGT turbo put in my truck and after the test drive the shop said that the turbo was leaking from a check ball on the turbo? Now me being a heavy equipment tech myself, I am finding this to be hard to believe. Although I have never really taken a very close look at the 6.0L turbo...
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    ok Im honestly just looking to drop back down to stock height. ill get the vin for you tonight or tomorrow.
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    2006 f250 front coil springs and isolators, 2008 f250 rear springs. truck is an 06 f250 4x4 with 08 rear springs. im looking to get back to stocks ride height. Shipped to zip code 48220.
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    Motorcraft rebuilt 2006 6.0L injectors. Need all 8. Also dummy plugs and stand pipes. Shipped to 48220.
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    2006 6.0L injector miss codes

    Truck is an 06. I filled uo with fuel the other day and when leaving the station I got a P0300 code. About 2 days later I also got P0306. I have RCD 155/30 injectors and have had them since 175k miles. Same tune as well. These are the things I have checked. FICM is all good 48v, 13v. The fuel...
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    Outer Banks Diesel Shootout June 20th

    I plan on rolling down early in the morning on saturday. Its only about an hour from my house.
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    Viability of a 6.0

    I have had my 6.0 for 3.5 years now and it has never left me stranded on the side of the road. I bout it with 140k miles and now has over 205k miles. it has slightly larger injectors, egr delete and a custom SCT tune. It rides ok for a truck on 8" lift. I can get in it and drive from Virginia to...
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    Hpop total destruction!

    Well that sucks. Never seen one fail like that before. And this is the closest I would like to come to seeing one in person.
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    E99 up pipes

    Ok some im working on a friends E99 7.3. Amongst other fun things I am putting new up pipes in. and that's why I am here. I saw that riffraff sells a nice set of bellowed ones but they are on back order. does anybody know another place that sells some like them?
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    Rudys Diesel Outlaw Diesel Super Series Event April 24-25

    Not sure yet man. everything is up in the air. Im waiting to see what time ill get off that friday (latest 1430, at the p town ship yard though), then head to the house out in Chesapeake. So earlyest about 1600. But ill probably just head to the hotel and then over to Rudy's that night for some...
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    Rudys Diesel Outlaw Diesel Super Series Event April 24-25

    well looks like ill be going. Should be a fun weekend. hopefully better weather then last fall. and going to book a hotel at the super 8 cuz im poor. Bringing PBR, and hopefully this year I don't get drunk and think I can jump from my truck into the blue 6.4 that the boys from holders diesel...
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    SCT problem

    So Im wanting to put a new tune on my truck but after not loading any tunes on the truck for 2 years and the computer I had the SCT installed on dying and me loosing the cable to connect to the computer along with the cd is their any way I can still load tunes on the SCT?
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    Did they actually make this size?

    We should all meet up. nobody ever meets up around Hampton roads. (well the 7575 diesel boys but I hate that group so I made my own fb group)
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    xtreem x tune

    Im just trying to find a new tune to try out. Been running vivans (quicktricks) looney wild for about 2 years now and while I have loved it for a long time it seems to not shift out of overdrive very fast. Im not sure if this is because I have switched to 37's from 35's or if a different tune...
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    Did they actually make this size?

    naw not at all man. every duty day i surf it for stuff i don't "need". Waiting for a nice set of 20" super duty wheels to pop up that aren't $1000. I live in chesapeake but work on norfolk base. Big white ex cab short bed with a headache rack. Im sure you have seen my truck around.
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    Did they actually make this size?

    saw the same cl post. where at in norfolk are ya?
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    xtreem x tune

    Quick question. Anybody dd with the xtreme x tune from inovative? Im thinking of getting it but it says converter is locked in second gear and up. Would be a tune i can dd on or no? And also is the FICM tuner worth it? I like the fact that i can keep the tuner and switch them when/if i want.
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    trans learning at WOT?

    So how does someone go about doing a quick trans relearn when at the track and going to a race only tune?
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    Project C10 gasser for now

    Ive seen this happen to so many guys and it pisses me off. Hope you have good luck from now on.
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    ROLL CALL to all our active and veteran military!!!

    7 years active USN Aviation Support Equipment Technician.

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