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    2013 F-250 Platinum $33k

    Sold sorry don’t get on here much
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    Windshield wipers only work on high

    I’ve got a 2018 F-350 that my wipers only work on high. The squirter works and when you push it the wipers work on that speed aswell. I replaced the multifunction switch and same thing. Wiper motor ???
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    Looking for 17-19 radio bezel for 8” screen

    Looking for 8” radio bezel for a 17-19 F250. Manual AC controls
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    Center console USB plug pinout

    Trying to find out what the orientation of the 2 wire plug on my center console dual usb is. Not sure which one is 12v and which is ground and if that’s what h They actually are. Talking about the 4 pin side. There are only 2 wires in the plug. The outside 2 pins
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    8” radio in place of 4”

    I have a 2018 F-250 XL with the 4” radio but I have a 8” screen that I got from a friend. Looking for the dash bezel. What all do you have to do to swap ?
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    2013 F-250 Platinum $33k

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    2013 F-250 Platinum $33k

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    2013 F-250 Platinum $33k

    Completely stock
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    2013 F-250 Platinum $33k

    Sorry truck is near perfect condition with no rust. B&W turnover ball and rear airbags, brand new tires
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    2013 F-250 Platinum $33k

    I have for sale a 2013 F-250 Platinum. Pearl white. 4WD 175k miles. Located in central indiana. $33k
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    Good 6.0 engine wanted

    Looking for a lower mile good 6.0 engine complete. Studded would be great aswell but I’m not gunna ask for to much.
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    PCM reflash

    No I have diagnosed it as a PCM issue using Ford’s diagnostic book. It all started with a Reductant pump problem but when I go through the diagnostics for the reductant pump everything checks out and at the end it says it may be a PCM issue
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    PCM reflash

    I haven’t dealt a whole lot with the 6.7’s but I am currently having a couple issues with mine and going through the Ford service diagnostics for them it’s showing a PCM issue. But I’m having I real issue. I can’t believe it’s a PCM with only one sign showing up. Do the PCM’s on these trucks...
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    *** back exhaust

    Can I remove the muffler on my stock 2013 and leave it all stock still. I just want it to sound like a truck but want to leave it all stick. Didn’t know if that would hurt the regen cycle. I realize I will have to leave the factory tip
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    Turn signal issue 13’ F250

    But I hadn’t done this before and the bulbs have been in over a year
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    Turn signal issue 13’ F250

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    Turn signal issue 13’ F250

    Has anyone had this issue with the turn signals ?
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    def tank, pump, heater complete 6.7

    Need the pump. To help diagnose mine
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    Turn signal issue 13’ F250

    Lol ok thanks I’m getting ready to take down the spare and see what I find
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    Turn signal issue 13’ F250

    What kinda code where you getting for the reductant pump

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