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    build for towing recipe

    what is the 'ultimate' towing setup? not 'budget' but more towards the ideal setup. big oil, any injector, any turbo I bought an 02 f550 and a dump trailer. its a zf6 truck.
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    srp1.1 disassembling

    the rear cover is siliconed in, any tips or tricks to remove it? the core pump was tricky to get rear cover off without the addition of silicone thinking i might use a puller to pull the shaft and see if i can press the cover off i dont see a snapping preventing that idea in any of the hpop...
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    modifying an HPOP to spin backwards?

    pondering modifying an HPOP to spin backwards over my morning coffee. is that simply clocking the swash plate 180° out or am I missing something?
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    Solonoid vs Battery for power

    and wtf would you ever wire something to the battery terminal when there is a solenoid stud where the factory draws all its power from right there. pet peeve of mine
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    time to rebuild heads. need parts advice

    time to rebuild heads. need parts advice for the shortblock I ordered from RiffRaff and a Mikes Diesel girdle. it seems harder to find info on what is 'the good stuff' for the heads. is there a complete head kit available somewhere? good brands/suppliers? seats/valves/guides a local shop...
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    irate T4 install any tricks to the uppipes?

    working solo and fighting the driver side for a bit now. not quite at hammer throwing temper yet but getting there :) the install says "they will need to be wiggled a bit"...uh huh
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    hydra and minotaur? newbie question

    the minotaur tuning kit says it comes with a burner can you put programs on to a hydra instead of burning a chip?
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    slight issue with southbend clutch. PO installed

    need a new disc for it. anyone know a part number for a replacement disc? looks like it was a 1944-5OFEK
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    #7 injector issues plz help diagnose

    did a long trip this Canada Day weekend. went from Vancouver BC to Grande Praire AB to Fort St John BC and home. truck started acting up after Grande Praire. first symptom was laboured starting. after loading a car on the trailer in FSJ I fueled and grabbed breakfast and coffee at Tim Hortons...
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    10.5 brakes on the 10.25 sterling

    I am in the midst of this conversion. using info from the site I have brakes from both the fullfloat d60 e350 and the 10.5 the fordmann site states to use a spring from a hardware store. the spring from the e350 clears everything, I still have research to do...
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    How do I order these back of the head feed fittings?

    How do I order these back of the head feed fittings? do you have a line kit to connect them or am I on my own for fuel feed? invoice me for a pair shipped please can you USPS them to Canada postal code is V2V 2P2

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