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  1. Petro

    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    Eh, it's alright. Hated it at first but after 10 years of the same shit, it took some getting used too.
  2. Petro

    6.4 vs high-mileage 6.7

    I have a soft spot for the 6.4 also, personally own two at the current moment. A 450 with 170, currently in the shop getting an engine and a 250 with a 150k, currently sitting with a cracked piston. Unless you feel really lucky or like to pull wrenches, buy a 6.7. They fail also, just not as...
  3. Petro

    UP PIPES 7.3

    I've installed probably 25+ sets of Dorman bellowed up-pipes without a single problem. Some going on 10 years in the truck without issue. Can't say the same for the expensive BD sets I've installed . . .
  4. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Hmm that's interesting. It doesn't really seem to be starved on the top end but I'll check those out. I'll report back.
  5. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Definitely not a compression issue on this truck, the issue was present before and after the new motor. I swapped in another new Ford IPR and that took care of most of the issue. Then threw in a new cnc fab stage one pump since the other was so weak. The truck is as close to normal as it's...
  6. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Ill try that on Monday and report back on what I find. I think
  7. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Another fun fact, after you kill it and try to restart, it cranks for an extended amount of time before re-firing. ICP while cranking is 480+ but cranks for what seems like a few seconds before firing off. I'm pretty much at a loss anymore, on the verge of giving up.
  8. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Yes, especially for a bone stock truck with absolutely no tuning. At idle with 140-degree oil temp, it's at like 480-500 psi with 7 to 9% IPR duty cycle. If you ever so slowly begin to lightly let out on the clutch and begin to pull it down duty cycle spikes from 12 to 18% and ICP spikes to...
  9. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    This was my thoughts. The computers are soo stupid, I figured the delay was probably normal. My thoughts were that, if the pump was super weak and struggling to hold pressure then the issue should show up more when the engine is hot as the oil would be thinner but even ice cold, it's exactly...
  10. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Another strange symptom is when you pull up to a stop light or stop sign. When you get to the light and step the clutch, the idle will drop below it's normal mark and kind of stumble before it returns to its normal 700ish mark.
  11. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Nope, literally can push it around by hand on pavement. Shifts fantastic and drives very nice. If you're rolling along in gear at idle with your foot off the throttle and slowly apply brakes, it will kind of slightly stumble, then you can hear the engine change tone and it lugs like it's...
  12. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    Around middle 50s if I recall correctly.
  13. Petro

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    I'm currently working on a 2000 F250 7.3 6 speed truck. A guy I know bought this truck with high miles knowing it needed some work. From the day he bought it, it has had absolutely zero off idle torque. Now when I say this, I mean when taking off in low or reverse you have to give it throttle to...
  14. Petro

    Dual Fueler questions...

    I don't think 15 is bad to be honest. From the people I talk to, I think 15 is kind of on the upper end of what most people get with 6.7s. I've never personally owned a 6.7, but out of the 20+ 7.3, 6.0 and 6.4 trucks I've had, none of them ever did alot better than middle teens ever.
  15. Petro

    Build advice please…

    The adrenaline pumps are good pumps, I know of several that are problem free with pretty high miles already. Also have good luck with the t500 pumps from terminator and I've also heard good things about the cnc fab pumps. Plenty of options out there for you to pick from. An intercooler also...
  16. Petro

    Bnib bellowed up pipes/ ebpv ****** pedestal

    I installed a set back in probably 2015 or 16. They are still in service today without issue soo if anyone was interested, I wouldn't be afraid of them.
  17. Petro

    Oil Pan Gaskets

    I install them with a wear sleeve also, takes all of a minute and its a peace of mind. Saying they never leak unless you touch them or that it WILL leak if you replace it, is the most ignorant thing I've seen on the internet this week. Impressively stupid.
  18. Petro

    Oil Pan Gaskets

    Not sure who told you guys not to touch the rear main, but I put one in every time I have a motor out or every time I have a transmission out. Probably install five or six a month and they never leak. I would definitely replace that seal, I see old seals start leaking pretty regularly. If they...
  19. Petro

    Which motor mount bolts …

    Take the nuts off under the cross member or engine cradle. Will be two on each side. 21mm's I believe. When you lift the engine the studs will come up and out.
  20. Petro