7.3 Into a 2005


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Apr 3, 2022
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About midway through a 2002 F250 crew, short box 7.3 power plant swap, into a 2005 F250 crew, long box. Wiring harnesses swapped, firewall alteration done. A couple small discrepancies I was hoping someone who's done this could offer a little insight.

1. The power locks in the '05 have one plug of the two that is different than the '02 harness corresponding plug. Can I just change the plug on the harness? I saved the correct ones.

2. The plug for the rear axle ABS sensor on the differential is different too. Same as above, can I change the plug?

3. Fuel tank. My donor vehicle is a short box. The '05 is a long box (also a gasser). Will an '05 38 gallon diesel mid ship tank have the same plumbing, and is the sendor compatible with the '02, or do I have to go with an '02 long box tank?

Thanks in advance! have gotten great info off of this site already by digging. Haven't found anything pertaining to these questions.

Happy to discuss on the phone if anyone wants to as well.

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