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Jun 9, 2011
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Olive Branch, MS
Buddy of mine called me today and wanted me to hook AE up to a truck his friend owns. 03 with about 161k on the clock. Showed up this evening and that poor girl has been treated rough. Anyways, upon popping the hood I notice several boo boos. He has that stupid Carquest oil filter/cap on it. Strike one. Cracked the degas tank and looks like its full of Prestonr antifreeze (bright green crap). Strike two. King ranch seats that haven't been touched since 03 apparently...ugh what a waste. Still has egr system on it, and from how he talks, everything is original to the truck.

Now for the technical stuff. He said at times it was hard to start cold. Idled rough but cleared up once up to temp. Ok, easy enough...just some stiction. Also said when driving it would just fall on its face, sputter then die. Pulled codes first...that was a nice long list. Contribution codes for 3 injectors. Buzz test revealed 2 more that were weak (that didn't throw a code). Picked all the vital PID's and fired it up. Actually cranked quick. Obvious stiction though, which was to be expected. ICP was around 1000-1100 and IPR was like 20ish% when cranking. All the numbers seemed normal. Once it warmed up a bit we headed up the road. Light throttle from a stop, and it literally slammed into every gear. Go to about 4th, and ICP went through the roof. Shot up over 3000psi (desired was the same), IPR went to the 70% range. Truck immediately went into limp mode for a few seconds then shut off. Got it to fire back up after a bit of cranking, turned around and headed back to his house. Same situation. ICP shot up, limp mode, then died. Wouldn't crank back this time though. Had to tow it back. Turning it over ICP was around 1300 and IPR mid to high 20's. It was hitting like it was going to fire, but never did. Being an 03, I'm thinking failing hpop...or would a faulty IPR cause this?

Had another code...something like fuel pump secondary circuit high.
Also had egr codes for insufficient flow. Obviously the valve needs cleaning, but that wouldn't cause this thing to run like that.

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