Special Thanks to all for making this another sucessful year!

Racer X

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Jul 31, 2011
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As CEO I'm taking a moment to thank all for making one of the most difficult years we have had end as another successful year at Racer X Inc. 2014 was our 27th in business and one of the most difficult we have had to overcome both personally and business wise. All due to an insurer Liberty Mutual Insurance AKA LM Insurance Corp Boston Mass et al. not paying a claim for storm damage! :cursing: I am filing a petition with motion to have them fined the maximum penalty of $20K per day allowed by law, for each day they failed to act once written claim was filed and received by them. :biggun:

In closing, I especially want to Thank Garrett PTSUPERD for working with us this year. We began this year as regular vendors, Let the word go forth from this time and place that we have finished it nicely and will begun 2015 by taking our rightful place as Premium Vendors. Thank you and happy holidays to one and all!