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    MP-Series 6.7L Powerstroke VGT Turbos!

    Our new series of turbos dedicated to the legendary Morgan Primm are now live and ready for pre order Check out the link on the website or contact your Midwest Diesel & Auto dealer to get yours ordered today...
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    2 NIB 2915 6.7 Powerstroke Injection Pumps - No Core

    I have 2 BNIB Motorcraft 6.7 2015+MY Injection pumps for sale. These were removed from Ford Fuel Service Kits when customers opted to install stroker pumps. They have been opened for inspection only, never installed, ran, etc 1000.00 Shipped No Core Charge Cheapest I have seen them go for is...
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    Barder 6670R VGT

    Selling the 6670 off my 2015 truck I put the charger on at 1650 miles with the new motor. The truck has 2205 miles on it No excessive play, in great shape. Includes turbo down to pedstal and I will include a new turbo install kit. Everything needed to drop straight into any 2015-2018 truck...
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    Midwest Diesel & Auto Black Friday Deals

    Midwest Diesel & Auto Black Friday – Cyber Monday Specials !!!!! -5% Discount 6.4 Short Block Assemblies 6.4 Long Block Assemblies 6.7 Short Block Assemblies 6.7 Long Block Assemblies - 25% Deposit Required Day Of Order w/ 50% Deposit Total Required Before Engine Build Is Started...
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    7.0L (6.4) Stroker Rotating Assembly & Custom Camshaft

    Selling my full rotating assembly for my pulling truck motor. I had this in my previous engine that made over 1200 RWHP with stock appearing turbos and nitrous, and had a failure in a cylinder head that caused piston damage. The assembly had roughly 350 miles on it. I had a set of FSR pistons...
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    River City Diesel Built 5R110W

    RCD Race 5R110W, refreshed less than 400 miles ago All TCS Billet internals, PML Deep Pan, RCD Spec'ed clutches. 4,200 w/ Converter - NO CORE 5,200 w/ DPC 2200 Stall Quad Disc - NO CORE for EITHER Taking up shelf space, truck put back to stock with a stock engine/transmission Thanks, Jared
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    80% 6.7 Powerstroke Injectors

    Selling a set of 80% Injectors built from 2500 mile 2016 injectors. Never installed since tested/built/flowed by River City Machine this summer. Not going any bigger on fuel at this time so these are taking up a shelf in my office. A new set is 3960.00 plus core charge Looking for 2800.00 NO...
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    Titan 60 Gallon Electronic Transfer Fuel Tank

    Selling the in bed fuel tank I had in my 2015 F450. Traded the truck for a 2017 model, and wont need this tank as I wont be traveling as much as I used to Includes the electronic controller to mount on the dash and turn the pump on/off. I used it for 4,000 miles before I put the truck back to...
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    2017 I want attention thread.

    Looks good! STX truck?
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    Part Out - Built 6.4 Truck

    Putting my truck back to fairly stock and getting rid of it to pursue ventures with my 6.7 trucks. Here's a list of whats for sale. All prices are OBO. Elite Diesel Dual Fueler Kit w/ New Continental Pump - 100 Miles on set up, Pulley for ATI Dampener - 2800.00 -Add ATI Dampener - 400.00 -Add...
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    2008 F250 Harley 4x4 Longbox

    Dan asked me to post these to the link
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    Update on my rig

    Can you make the hood stack cab height?
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    Amount of importance in traction bars

    Yessir. That EXACT link fits your truck perfectly. If you like the look of the long gusset bars more, here's the link for them. Whichever you like, both kits are in stock and ready to ship...
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    Compound 6.7's

    I have a 6670 w/ a 8685 precision on mine Haven't dynoed it yet, been trying to get these kits complete to market. It should do 800 with the current injector set up, 100%s would probably be 1000-1100 at the tires.

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