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I have an 09 6.4 with a 64mm single turbo in it with an h&s minimal and I'm driving down the highway and I got home and went to clear my codes and it was the ones I usually have then a new one... U3F00. I cannot find literally anything on it. Can anyone help me with this U3F00 code?
whats your lift and tire set up? i can barley see from the avatar pic u got, but it looks dirty! if u could email me a pic too that would be awesome.
heh to be honest I don't even know of a good starting price. What would you be looking at for the package and just the tranny?

As for the fires, wind is down and we had a very minimal amount of rain up here last night so it may have helped some. I'll know more when I go in tonight but I know the last two days they have been raging up here. The one at work made the top 4 in alberta so far this season.

And Slave Lake, well that is just a damn shame...I couldn't even imagine losing a whole town.

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