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    Just got my new toyhauler.

    What model Fuzion? Wife and I are looking at a 325
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    2017 I want attention thread.

    Pics of my 2017 with 3.5 ready lift. 37x12.5x20. Slight rubbing at full lock. Will try and remedy it with different wheels.
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    2017 f350 platinum

    I put Nitto Ridge Grappler on my truck this time around and they seem to be very good...quiet and handle well in the rain. I had the Toyo Open Country AT2 on my Ram. Great tire and lasted along time, but think the Nitto looks more aggressive and will last along time unlike the trail grappler...
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    What needed for a 2.5 level

    Readylift has everything you were looking for, with shock ext, track bar kit etc. reasonably priced too.
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    It's a gasser but would still suck...3 days old

    JonnyDime, you made this thread my favorite via Avatar!!
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    Smallest Lift Needed ?'s

    3.5 ready lift will do 37's
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    new wheels..

    Did ya ge the kit? A friend of mine has the very same set up and has minimal rub at full lock.
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    New Fuel Filter Part Number?

    I called them to make sure and they were great to deal wth. IT's the same part just a new number. They (Ford) slapped a sticker over the old part number the rep told me.
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    New Fuel Filter Part Number?

    I just ordered from diesel filters, clicked the I have a 2017 6.7, will they send the new part number or the FD4624?
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    2017 Crew Cab subwoofer box options

    Did you have to mod the back seat? Proper air space? Just curious because I would love to do that.
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    2017 Crew Cab subwoofer box options

    I don't think there is enough space for 4 tw5's. I wouldn't mind doing four sundown x6.5 subs under the seat.
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    Just got my new toyhauler.

    Nice set up. Enjoy
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    Before and After, what do you think??

    Looks great. I bet pics do not do it justice.
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    Black Friday deals?