ZF6 6.0 powerstroke with a S362 Non Vgt on stock injectors?


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Jun 18, 2024
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Hello everyone, new to posting on these forums after reading them for years on end. I hope all is well with everyone. That being said, I’m on here for some insight. I have a 03 6.0 powerstroke with a 6 speed zf6, ole girl has 409,000 on the clock and when she heads out I plan to build a lower mileage bottom end motor for it. On the forums I’ve read the automatic guys seem to really enjoy the stock injector and s362 non vgt combo. Spools quick with the right tuning and still able to tow well. Over the past year had vgt issues and am just tired of it. I’ve seen a couple forums about other manual guys running non vgt chargers and saying they don’t like to spool quickly, but they all have bigger injectors and the smallest charger they’ve talked about is a 363. Would love to hear if anyone has had a manual 6 liter with the stock stick, s362 combo. Thank you all.

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