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Do you have measurements for the SD pulleys you used for the power steering pump swap?
I have an 09 6.4 with a 64mm single turbo in it with an h&s minimal and I'm driving down the highway and I got home and went to clear my codes and it was the ones I usually have then a new one... U3F00. I cannot find literally anything on it. Can anyone help me with this U3F00 code?
I didn’t find much either, other than ford tech stated that it is not a ford code because it is starting with U, states it could be a possible communication code but not from ford. Sorry I know it’s not much help
Also, I’m not sure how trusted that ford tech is
Someone on another forum seemed to think it might be linked to exhaust back pressure sensor
whats your lift and tire set up? i can barley see from the avatar pic u got, but it looks dirty! if u could email me a pic too that would be awesome.
heh to be honest I don't even know of a good starting price. What would you be looking at for the package and just the tranny?

As for the fires, wind is down and we had a very minimal amount of rain up here last night so it may have helped some. I'll know more when I go in tonight but I know the last two days they have been raging up here. The one at work made the top 4 in alberta so far this season.

And Slave Lake, well that is just a damn shame...I couldn't even imagine losing a whole town.
Just trying to find out who is running this place! Want to possibly become a vendor over here! My company is Irate Diesel Performance.

I am ready! This is the first time since I've been 16 that I haven't had a truck. Now I'm ready for the real deal :)
Sorry Rich. I was told 7...well it looks like the clock is 4 hrs fast.

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