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    How many miles on your 6.4?

    Turned 200k this week! July 4th drove down to Islamadora from St Pete for long weekend approx 660 miles, smooth drive cruising around 80mph. Biggest complaint is the ccv hoses keep swelling and coming off catch can. Shout out to Bud and Mary's for an awesome place!
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    Thoughs on a 6.4

    I purchased a 2010 F350 KR 2wd DRW in 2013 with 128k miles. At 136K miles she went thru some changes to help longevity. Only external mods plus a mm tuner were added. Once a year I do Royal Purple oil change every 12k miles and filter every 6k. Oil analysis comes back great and they recommend...
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    How many miles on your 6.4?

    Turned 182,000miles! Last modification was the CCV and I hate the cloud it makes but am curious to see the oil analysis results. Change oil every 12,000 miles and filter at 6000. Every other oil change I do fuel filters also. Oil is sent for analysis and has always come back exceptionally well...
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    Show & Go/Going to Try this Out combo Build

    I drive park blvd home at 5, you want to meet one night after work? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Show & Go/Going to Try this Out combo Build

    Nice set ups! Where in FL, I am St Pete-Clearwater area. Would like to replace stock intercooler if you have.
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    What have you done to your powerstroke today?

    Put truck in shop for a drip that only showed up when cold. Turned out to be water pump, so had front cover inspected and was told, looked like brand new! Also since having in shop had clutch fan, belts replaced,and ccv piped into exhaust. Ran like a champ till I mashed it outrunning a 350Z and...
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    How many miles on your 6.4?

    2010 F350 Dually 166,666 miles today!
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    Been using the Archoil fuel additive and the friction modifier for about 30k miles. Truck just turned 160k, runs great and all original! Oil analysis @ 6k comes back clean, so I do a 6000 mile Motorcraft filter change, and 12,000 mile Royal purple syn oil fluids change.
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    King ranch steering wheel

    I had the same thing happen to the steering wheel on my 2010 KR. I scraped off the black crust with a credit card, and then worked in KR conditioner, while it was still wet I wrapped a piece of cheese cloth around the rim of steering wheel and pulled back and forth like shoe shining. It came...
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    H&S Tuning out of Biz? Help

    I just looked at the settings on my mini and we pretty much have them set the same. You might have to reload the tunes and tell it *** ******d when you change exhaust. Its been awhile since I did any changes to it so not really sure. Since you already have the HD300 settings I believe you might...
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    H&S Tuning out of Biz? Help

    H & S is out of business and HS motorsports has some of the guys from H & S. New forum was started after they shutdown, it's Lots of great info and knowledgeable guys! BTW I love the Mini and folks still writing tunes for it. Best
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    For Sale...Turbos, Lockers, H&S kit

    I'd be interested in the CAI and the ccv
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    How many miles on your 6.4?

    Turning 155k soon, purchased 2 1/2 years ago with 128k bone stock. At 136k lightened her up to help her breath better. Using Archoil in fuel fill ups and additive in oil changes(last change @ 7k miles sent sample to Blackstone labs, they said go to 10k.) Rear axel seal, front calipers and tires...

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