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    Front grey leather

    The stuff from The Seat Shop is very nice and matches very well. I used it in my 03 Eddie Bauer Excursion.
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    BTS alternative?

    Sam Wyse is a great FIRST call!
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    No Start When Hot

    I second this advice.
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    I/C boots

    I was gonna suggest Dieselsite. Their IC boots are usually longer for double clamping if needed.
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    Blown HG, o-ringed and studs...

    Which ARP’s did you go with?
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    Maybe opening a can of worms but.......

    Who did the EPA end and who is still around? Curious myself...
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    6.0 intercooler w/plastic leaking?

    I run the CSF 6029 bar and plate cooler on my 6.0 Excursion. It’s a nice unit too
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    build for towing recipe

    I love my 7.3 Excursion build. 180/80’s, Irate 364.5, Adrenaline, Strictly Diesel RR, forged rod block with comp 910’s and ARP studs, Sam Wyse stage 2 tranny. It will absolutely tow with anything on the road! Run GH tuning on the Hydra and EGT’s are a none issue.
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    Very heavy ROMP

    Find a fix?
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    High egt's

    Very interesting info.
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    Quality Aftermarket Wheel

    I have Moto Metals on my 03 Excursion and Methods on my 05 Excursion. Both have been great and seem to be holding up very well.
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    05 fog lights won't turn on

    You are the man! I’m not sure, could be the switch too.
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    05 fog lights won't turn on

    Oh great....
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    05 fog lights won't turn on

    Know where the relay is?
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    05 fog lights won't turn on

    This is an interesting follow for me. My 05 Excursion, the fogs will work most of the time but have times where they just won’t come on. I’ve been wondering if it’s the switch or relay or something.